children of erinThe “Children of Erin” Theatre Company is dedicated to the production of plays of special artistic, philosophical and spiritual merit.  The name “Children of Erin” is intended to represent those of us who have Irish roots and who celebrate their heritage through those roots.

A Canadian Free Theatre Company

In 2007, the “Children of Erin” was officially designated “A Canadian Free Theatre Company”. Based loosely on the principles of the Toronto Free Theatre of the 1970’s, the “Children of Erin” places the emphasis on “free”. No group or organization, when in need, will be refused a performance by the “Children of Erin” Theatre Company. When and where possible, performances will be donated to raise money for worthwhile causes. Although admission will usually be charged as a way of collecting for charitable causes, no individual, lacking the price of admission, will ever be turned away.

The “Children of Erin” Theatre Company is particularly proud of its long standing relationship with the Key West Art and Historical Society. Since 2003, the unique series of plays known as Hemingway On Stage: The Road to Freedom has been presented as donated performances on a yearly basis and has raised thousands of dollars for the Society and its museums.

The “Children of Erin” promotes the finest in playwriting, acting and directing and will make every effort to provide a milieu for learning, for growth and for positive opportunity. Always, the company will attempt to illuminate both life and literature. It is a primary mandate of the “Children of Erin” to encourage and instill a love for life, for theater and for literature.

A quote from Easter Rising: The Last Words of Patrick Pearse is very pertinent to the company philosophy:

“…My whole life has been a slow but certain development towards an awareness of compassion, the ability to feel and share the pain of others and, most important, to attempt to relieve that pain. Believe me when I say that I genuinely care for each of God’s creatures. Each of us has our own special ability and that ability must be used where it will do the most good.”

Theatre is our ability in general. Playwriting, acting and directing are our specific talents. May they always be used for “good deeds”.

Love Letters, a poignant play depicting the joys and sorrows of two close friends, is occasionally presented by the "Children of Erin" as a charity reading.

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