An original drawing of Brian Gordon Sinclair as Hemingway, by Bob Orlin.

Brian Gordon Sinclair on stage as Hemingway in Part 1, Sunrise: The Early Years.

Brian Gordon Sinclair as Hemingway in Part 2: The Lost Generation

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Brian Gordon Sinclair as Ernest Hemingway...
... and with shots of Hemingway himself, for comparison.


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On Safari: the playwright tames a wild elephant and battles a lion



A photo of Ezra Pound photo from the Hailey, Idaho museum, with quote from Pound's infamous fascist broadcasts.


At left, the Death Mask of poet Ezra Pound at the same museum.
Names on the War Memorial in Oak Park, Illinois.



The quilt at right was made for Hemingway aficionado Bob Orlin, depicting his African journey through Hemingway's footsteps in Kenya.

This African themed quilt was actually used on stage in Hemingway On Stage, Part I. This fish themed quilt was presented to the author during the creation of Part I.
This Paris themed quilt was actually used on stage in Hemingway On Stage, Part II.
The Vincent "Sunflower" quilt. All quilts are made by Shirley D. Spencer.
The Key West Quilt, used on stage in Part III, Death in the Afternoon.
"Impressions of Madrid", used on stage in the Spanish Civil War sequence in Part IV, The Man-Eaters.

Brian Gordon Sinclair introduces the Consul General of Canada at unveiling of new Hemingway statue, July 2005. Photo by Margaret Elliot.
Valerie Hemingway, Brian Gordon Sinclair and Anthony Knill, Consul General of Canada, pose after Brian's performance of Part 3: Death in the Afternoon.

Brian Gordon Sinclair introduces Anthony Knill, Consul General of Canada to Lorian Hemingway

Consul General of Canada, Anthony Knill, Bob Orlin, artist, Valerie Hemingway, author, new statue of Ernest Hemingway and Brian Gordon Sinclair, author of Hemingway On Stage, July 2005.

Gregorio Fuentes
Gregorio Fuentes reminisces with Brian Gordon Sinclair in Cojimar, Cuba

Hemingway's Havana: shot in Cuba by Sven Creutzmann

Reception, Customs House Museum, Key West following debut of Part IV: The Man-Eaters

Left to right: Michael Kofsky, Ms. Marcy Grossman: Consul General of Canada, Brian Gordon Sinclair, Claudia Pennington: Executive Director, Key West Art and Historical Society.

Photo by Michael Haskins.

Brian Gordon Sinclair gives the Republican salute at the end of the Spanish Civil War sequence in The Man-Eaters.

Photo by Al Sachs.

  Caricature by Ron Thomas,
"Papa" 2002

Finally, I have grown a beard for the Hemingway's Havana stories.

At right, a preview of the World War II look for the fifth play, The Death Factory.

award Canada's Hemingway On Stage Award presented to Jean Klausing
Stratford-upon-Avon flyer

Canada's Hemingway On Stage Award: 1st International Presentation to Steve and Hilary Newman, Stratford-upon-Avon
Pamplona Crowd
My audience in Pamplona. What a thrill.

Brian Gordon Sinclair presents cheque for hurricane relief to Jorge Soberon, Consul General of Cuba (City Hall, Toronto)
with Rolly Fox at the Terry Fox run With Rolly Fox at 2,000,000 person Terry Fox Run in Havana
Finca Vigia At Finca Vigia with Director,
Ada Rosa Alfonso Rosales

With daughter and granddaughter of Gregorio Fuentes
in Cojimar

Brian Gordon Sinclair and friends

Brian Gordon Sinclair and friends

A demonstration of the use of bandilleras
from Hemingway's HOT Havana

On board The Pilar at Finca Vigia

Brian Gordon Sinclair and friends
Brian Gordon Sinclair and friends Poster for the world premiere of
In Deadly Ernest
Board of Directors,
Ernest Hemingway Foundation
of Oak Park
with dancers in Santiago de Cuba
Holguin, Cuba, for Union of Artists and Writers performance
TV interview with Jenna Stauffer
of Comcast
Canadian Studies conference
in Guardalavaca, Cuba
with Director Vilma Paez
University of Holguin
student performance

The real Nobel Prize medal in Santiago de Cuba
Colloquium poster

Havana curtain call with Finca Vigia Director Ada Rosa Alfonso Rosales and members of
the Hemingway Look-Alike Society
Brian Gordon Sinclair receives
the Finca Vigia/Museo Hemingway
Award of Distinction at the 14th International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway
for his outstanding contribution
to the legacy of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba

Brian Gordon Sinclair as Patrick Pearse


Brian Gordon Sinclair onstage as Theo Van Gogh


Van Gogh self-portrait


Brian Gordon Sinclair as Theo Van Gogh, painting like his brother.




Brian Gordon Sinclair as Vincent Van Gogh