A play about the life,
the passion of Vincent Van Gogh

Directed and Performed by Brian Gordon Sinclair

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Brian Gordon Sinclair as Theo Van Gogh, painting like his brother

A theatrical tour de force, Vincent burns with the intensity of a brilliant artist's life.

The setting is a Paris lecture hall in the summer of 1890. One week has passed since Vincent Van Gogh died in his brother Theo's arms. At Vincent's funeral, Theo was too overcome to speak.

Guthrie Award-winning actor Brian Gordon Sinclair stars in this deeply moving one-actor drama. Against a backdrop of Van Gogh's most-loved paintings, Vincent traces the fervent life of an artist who created works of unparalleled vision and beauty but sold only one painting during his lifetime. From his beginnings as an evangelist, through the Impressionist years in Paris, to the volatile Arles period, the tragic genius of Vincent Van Gogh is captured in stirring remembrances by the one who was his faithful patron, his harshest critic, and his closest friend... his brother.

The Author:

Leonard Nimoy

Internationally famous as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy created and starred on Broadway in the original Guthrie Theatre production of Vincent. Van Gogh has been a lifelong passion of Mr. Nimoy, who stages his play against large screen projections of the celebrated artist's paintings.